Behaviour Support


This nursery recognises and supports the rights of children.
This nursery believes that all children have the right to learn and be cared for in a supportive and safe environment.
Any aggressive or antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated but will be dealt with firmly, fairly and promptly.
Good behaviour is a necessary condition for teaching and learning to take place.
Young children do make mistakes and it is the role of the adult to teach and encourage acceptable behaviour.

Therefore, our management of behaviour is always positive. The boundaries are reinforced in a positive manner, taking into account their age and development.

    • Children are offered lots of praise for good behaviour
    • Children are given encouragement for all their individual achievements
    • We teach the children to be polite to each other
    • We teach them to share and take turns
    • We encourage the children to be kind and consider each other’s feeling
    • As they grow, we encourage them to think about the consequences of unacceptable behaviour

Aim as a parent

We would expect your co-operation in working together with staff to promote and encourage good, acceptable behaviour.