Equal Opportunities

At Russell Street nursery we are committed to ensuring that children are catered for according to their individual needs. We positively value and respect children and adults from all backgrounds.



We aim to encourage children in the appreciation and respect of the varieties of religious faith and varieties of faith. .
We will endeavour to do this by:

    • Introducing the many festivals widely celebrated in this city
    • Good practice shown by adults of tolerance and understanding in our nursery provision
    • An openness and respect for others


To allow children to explore their own insights, beliefs and loyalties.

Support for children with English as an additional language statement

We believe that the most powerful incentive to learn a language is the desire to communicate.


    • Helping the child to develop confidence in themselves and in their ability to communicate
    • Offering situations and activities which can help the child to enjoy and value the variety of cultures and languages around them
    • Listening sensitively to what the child is trying to say
    • Offering correct language models when needed
    • Helping the child to establish trusting relationships with adults and children who already speak the language
    • Providing activities and opportunities for the child to use and extend their spoken language

Provision for children with learning difficulties and disabilities

We are committed to ensuring that all children reach their full potential and are included regardless of their starting capabilities and physical abilities. We employ trained staff who will work in close partnership with parents, the manager and the local area Special Educational Needs Coordinator to ensure that the inclusion of all children is well planned for and that all children flourish in this growth environment.

If you have a child with an already identified special need. We would encourage parents to contact our SEN coordinator as early as possible before admissions, to discuss particular needs or concerns.