Meals and Snacks

Meal times are seen as being an important social occasion for children, where they sit together in their key groups and are encouraged to be polite, interacting with adults and each other.

Parents are asked to send a packed lunch in a suitable container (not glass or plastic bags) clearly marked with your child’s name.  Children are encourage to eat healthily.


We will provide your child with:

    • Fruit and vegetables such as seedless grapes, cucumber batons
    • Organic biscuits and fruit bars
    • Bread products such as toast, crackers, crumpets etc
    • Milk, water and juice
Health Eating/Community Fruit Bowl

The nursery has been awarded the Gold Award for Good Oral Health and to encourage the children to choose healthy snacks we are asking if you would voluntarily provide some fruit each week for a community fruit bowl which the children choose from for their journey home. We hope this will mean the children are not asking for sweets/to go to the shop on their way home.

Water Bottles

It is essential that your child is well hydrated throughout the day and is able to access water at any point. We provide individual water bottles for the children, which they can drink from at any time.

Dietary information

Staff are more than happy to discuss with you any requirements which your child may have and need to be made aware of any allergies and dietary requirements which affect your child.

In recognition of our excellent food hygiene standard, Russell Street Nursery has been awarded the best possible grading by the Food Standards Agency.