Uncollected/Late Collection Child Procedure

Russell Street Private Day Nursery
Uncollected/Late Collection Child Procedure

Parent/carers will be contacted by phone and reminded of the correct time and asked if there is a genuine reason for the late collection.  Parents will be reminded that they should telephone us before the collection time to tell us if they are delayed to enable us to make appropriate staffing arrangements.

May we remind parents that if children are collected later than the end of morning session or nursery closing time staff have to remain and will need to be paid beyond their normal working hours and this will incur additional charges.
If children are left for more than 15 minutes the person in charge will call the parents on given contact numbers, if no-one is available they will:

  • Call the additional emergency contact numbers.  Please note emergency contact persons unknown to us  will need to complete an emergency contact form and will need a form of ID to enable them to collect the child.
  • If contact cannot be established with the parents or emergency contact person, within a maximum of one hour of the closure time of the nursery, directors will be contacted and advised of the circumstances in respect of the child.
  • If there’s a failure to locate either parents or emergency contacts the local Social Services Department will be contacted.
  • Two members of staff will remain on the premises with the child at all times.

A written report on all circumstances in relation to uncollected children is to be given to directors as soon as possible after the event.